Is Makeup Haram?

Is makeup haram? This is a question that is often asked within the Muslim community, as there are many different opinions and interpretations when it comes to the use of makeup and vanity. In Islam, the rules and guidelines regarding dress code and appearance are found in the Quran and Hadith, but there is not always a clear answer when it comes to the use of makeup. Some believe that the use of makeup is permissible as long as it is done modestly and does not lead to sinful or immoral behavior, while others believe that it is haram because it is seen as a form of deception or trying to imitate the opposite gender. The understanding of this issue can also vary depending on the school of thought, culture and society. Ultimately, whether or not makeup is haram will depend on one’s personal beliefs and understanding of Islamic teachings. This article will explore the various rules and exceptions regarding makeup in Islam, and will help readers to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

What is haram?

The term “haram” is used to describe any behaviour that is forbidden by Islam. This can include anything from murder and theft to eating pork or drinking alcohol. There are a number of reasons why Islam forbids specific behaviour. Sometimes, it is because the act is considered to be harmful to the individual or to society as a whole. Other times, it is because the act goes against the teachings of Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him). Certain lifestyle choices such as smoking, or using shisha may be haram or halal. You must know all the rules, in order to avoid any breaking of rules.

Is Makeup Haram in Islam?

Scholars across the different schools of Islam believe that makeup is permissible only under certain conditions. First and foremost of these rules is that women can wear makeup around their husbands, while wearing makeup around non-mahrem men is haram. Continue reading to understand “Is makeup haram?” and what factors you must keep in mind when utilizing makeup.

Can Makeup Be Worn While Praying?

Before performing your daily prayers (salah), it is important to make wudu and clear yourself from impurities. Water-resistant makeup is therefore considered haram as it interrupts this process. Additionally, permanent makeup such as eyebrow tattoos or lip tattoos are not allowed as they create a barrier between the skin and water and therefore total wudu (ablution) would be impossible to achieve. For this reason, nail polish is also not permitted in Islam.

Is It Haram to Wear Makeup in Public?

is makeup halal or haram

When it comes to wearing Makeup in public it is largely considered haram. Since makeup should only be visible to husbands and Mahrem men, wearing it outside would be against the rules. However, there are some fatwas that state that makeup can be used to cover scars, or minimal makeup can be applied to look presentable in front of the world, however, the makeup should be strong enough to tempt a non-Mahrem man.

As for men applying makeup is strictly forbidden. It is a written rule of Islam that men shouldn’t imitate women, while women shouldn’t imitate men. This is stated in one of the sunnas of the Prophet (peace be upon him), and therefore halal.

Is Applying Kohl Haram?

As long as Kohl isn’t being used to invite attention to yourself, it is permissible for both men and women.

Things to Remember

  • Ensure that the makeup you’re using is free of haram ingredients such as gelatin, collagen, certain oils, carmine (E-120), glycerin, or alcohols.
  • Ensure the makeup you’re using is void of toxic chemicals to avoid any health issues.
  • It is best to utilize halal-certified or vegan makeup brands (after reading ingredients)


Can makeup be used with a hijab?

Yes, makeup can be used with a hijab. It is possible to create beautiful, fashionable looks that are modest.

Are Muslims allowed to wear makeup?

In general, most Islamic scholars agree that wearing eyeliner is permissible if done within certain guidelines. Specifically, women must keep the application of makeup and eyeliner within moderation to preserve modesty. Additionally, some Muslims also believe that it is important to avoid any form of adornment or decorations which may lead to temptation or attract unwanted attention from onlookers.

Is wearing eyeliner haram in Islam?

Islamic teachings emphasize modesty and cleanliness, and one should strive to adorn themselves in a manner that is consistent with these values while also following the laws and customs of their society. Ultimately, the decision to wear eyeliner or any other form of makeup should be based on personal preference, intention, and adherence to Islamic principles. According to the rules of Islam, men and women can use antimony, a powder of black stone, to which is added castor oil, and then it is used as an eyeliner.


The bottom line is that makeup is permissible under certain circumstances. As long as you follow the rules, it is alright to use makeup. Make sure you read the blog above, through and through so you are aware of all the rulings and therefore utilize makeup the correct way. Thanks for reading.

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