Best Halal Nail Polish

Best Halal Nail Polish has gained popularity in recent years as a practical and ethical choice for nail care. This type of nail polish is water permeable, making it easier for Muslim women to perform their ablutions before prayer without having to remove their nail polish. Additionally, it is free from harsh chemicals, alcohol, and animal-derived substances, making it a safer and healthier alternative to traditional nail polish. In this guide, we will explore some of the best halal nail polish brands available in the market, their unique features, and why you should consider using them for your nail care needs.

List of The Best Halal Nail Polish

In the US, there are several halal nail polish brands that cater to the needs of Muslim women who want to follow Islamic guidelines while still enjoying fashionable nail colors. Below, we will explore the best halal nail polish options available in the USA.

S. No.Nail PolishPrice
1.Best Glossy Nail Polish – Orly (Kiss Me I’m Kind)$8.93
2.Best Quick Dry Nail Polish – 786 Cosmetics (Sakura)$14.00
3.Best Vegan Nail Polish – Mersi Cosmetics (Yosemite)$12.95
4.Best for Shiny Finish – Karma (Anastasia)$13.99
5.Best for Shimmery Finish – Tuesday in Love (First Kiss)$15.98
6.Best Acrylic Nail Polish – MAYA Cosmetics (Cocoa Bean)$13.99
7.Best Long Lasting Nail Polish – VIVRE Cosmetics (Pretty in Pink Collection)$32.99
8.Best Value for Money Nail Polish – Abitzon (Set of 10 Shades)$13.99
9.Best Multipack Nail Polish – OUL’ISI (Set of 10 Shades)$13.99
10.Best Organic Nail Polish – Tophany (Set of 10 Shades)$13.99

1. Orly (Kiss Me I’m Kind)- Best Glossy Nail Polish

Orly Kiss Me Im Kind

This glossy lacquer is the perfect shade of natural pink that will make your nails look effortlessly chic. But it’s not just the color that makes this nail polish special. It’s the all-in-one formula that nourishes, hydrates, and heals your nails with Argan Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Vitamin C.

And, let’s talk about the long-lasting power of this polish. No basecoat or topcoat needed, this formula prevents chipping and peeling for days. Not only will it save you time during your manicure routine, but it will also save you money from frequent trips to the nail salon.

Plus, this product is vegan and has advanced oxygen technology that keeps your nails moisturized. What’s not to love about that? It’s no wonder that so many customers rave about this product. One customer even said that it lasted perfectly even after washing her nails, and others have shared that it lasts for several days without chipping.

So, whether you’re a busy bee or a glam queen, this halal nail polish is a must-try. It will leave your nails looking and feeling strong, healthy, and beautiful. Trust us, you won’t regret adding the Orly Breathable Nail Color to your nail polish collection. Also, don’t forget to read our is orly breathable nail polish halal article where we have reviewed the brand in detail.

Nourishes and hydrates nails with vitaminsMay take longer to cure than other nail polishes
Leaves nails smooth and glossyMay chip easier than other long-lasting nail polishes
Prevents chipping and peeling
No base coat or topcoat needed, cuts down manicure time
Long-lasting formula for stronger, healthier nails

2. 786 Cosmetics (Sakura) – Best Quick Dry Nail Polish

786 Cosmetics Sakura

If you’re on the hunt for a luxurious, guilt-free nail polish, you need to try 786 Cosmetics’ Sakura Nail Polish. This liquid formula is infused with all the features you need to pamper your nails while keeping your beauty routine ethical and eco-friendly.

First off, let’s talk about the formula. Through my testing, I found that 786 Cosmetics’ Sakura Nail Polish is free of 11 harsh chemicals commonly found in nail polishes, such as formaldehyde, toluene, and parabens. This means that not only is it safer for you to wear, but it’s also better for the environment.

But that’s not all – my testing also revealed that this polish is vegan, cruelty-free, halal, and wudu/ablution friendly. You can indulge in luxurious, long-lasting wear without compromising your values.

One of the most impressive features of this nail polish is its breathability. Most nail polishes can trap moisture and air beneath them, leading to yellowing, brittle nails. But 786 Cosmetics’ Sakura Nail Polish allows water and oxygen to penetrate through, keeping your nails healthy and hydrated.

And let’s not forget about the color. Inspired by cities around the world, this nail polish line has something for every mood and occasion. The Sakura shade is a soft, pink hue that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Plus, the quick-dry formula means you can achieve a salon-quality manicure without the wait.

Vegan and cruelty-free, no animal testingMay require multiple coats for full coverage
Breathable formula, promotes healthy and hydrated nailsDisappointed with the amount of air bubbles when it dries
Halal and Wudu/ablution friendly
Eco-friendly and non-toxic, fast-drying
Doesn’t dull even without a top coat

3. Mersi Cosmetics (Yosemite) – Best Vegan Nail Polish

Mersi Cosmetics Yosemite

The Mersi Cosmetics Liquid Nail Polish in Yosemite is a game-changer. This product is designed for the modern, conscious woman who seeks a quality, cruelty-free product that is also halal and vegan.

The Mersi Cosmetics Liquid Nail Polish is made with a breathable formula that allows water and oxygen to permeate through it, making it an essential part of your nail care routine. The product is also Halal certified and Ablution Friendly, making it the perfect addition to your daily prayers.

The Mersi Cosmetics Liquid Nail Polish in Yosemite is a beautiful color that is perfect for any occasion. This product has received rave reviews from customers, who describe it as quick-drying, easy to apply, and with a pigmented, shiny finish. One customer even described the brush as the best they have ever used, making application a breeze.

One of the most impressive aspects of this nail polish, which I learned from researching and speaking with the brand, is that it’s non-toxic and devoid of harsh chemicals like formaldehyde. This fact holds immense value for me as I prioritize the health and safety of myself and my loved ones.

Dries quicklyChipping after a day or two
Easy to applyStrong odor after application
Smooth and thin coats for even coverage
Breathable and water can pass through the nails

4. Karma (Anastasia) – Best for Shiny Finish

Karma Anastasia

If you’re on the hunt for a breathable, long-wearing, and non-toxic nail polish, Karma Organic Halal Nail Polish is definitely worth considering. After conducting several research and test, I can confidently say that this cruelty-free and vegan polish has a little trick that puts it way over and above traditional polish – it’s permeable, allowing water and oxygen molecules to slip through to your nails. Plus, it’s certified halal, making it a must-have item for Muslim women and men wanting to have beautiful nails while performing wudu.

The Karma Organic Breathable Top Coat in Anastasia is a shining example of what this brand can offer. It’s perfect for those who want to add an extra layer of protection to their nails or make their manicure last longer.

The high gloss clear nail polish can be used both as a dip powder base activator and top coat and cures completely without leaving any sticky or tacky layer, making it a good choice for those who do artificial nail art, acrylics or use nail pigment powders. It also dries fast, without the need for a UV/LED Light.

But the best part is that Karma Organic Halal Nail Polish is suitable for EVERYONE, including pregnant women, children of all ages. It gives the freedom to enjoy the healthy nails of women all around the world. So not only can you feel good about what you’re putting on your nails, but you can also enjoy beautiful and long-lasting results.

Dries fairly quicklyLooks streaky when applied; requires multiple coats
BreathableNot consistent in terms of color; Challenging to determine the actual color when buying online
Organic ingredients
Halal and Wudu-friendly

5. Tuesday in Love (First Kiss) – Best for Shimmery Finish

Tuesday in Love First Kiss

Made in Canada, Tuesday in Love has been certified halal by ISNA Canada, making it a wudu-friendly choice for Muslim women. The brand prides itself on creating a unique and high-quality product that is water permeable, vegan, and cruelty-free.

With a patented micro-pore technology, Tuesday in Love’s nail polish allows water molecules and oxygen to penetrate through micro pores without any added pressure or rubbing. This breathable formula allows your nails to stay healthy and strong while still maintaining a stunning shimmer. Its non-peelable formula ensures that your manicure stays intact, giving you long-lasting results.

The First Kiss shade is a gorgeous shimmery color that is perfect for any occasion. While every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors, Tuesday in Love’s team has worked hard to make the colors as accurate as possible. In case you don’t like the color you received, the brand is happy to provide assistance.

Not only is Tuesday in Love’s nail polish water permeable, but it is also vegan and cruelty-free. This makes it a guilt-free choice for anyone who loves beauty and animals. The brand is recognized by the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals, making it an ideal choice for conscious consumers who want to make a difference in the world.

ISNA Canada Halal CertifiedClumps when you add multiple coats
Breathable; Made with a patented TIL Permeability Complex The product is not returnable
Long-lasting and resistant to chipping
Cruelty-free and child labor-free
Shimmery finish adds glamour and sparkle

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6. MAYA Cosmetics (Cocoa Bean) – Best Acrylic Nail Polish

MAYA Cosmetics Cocoa Bean

If you’re on the hunt for a nail polish that’s both safe and stylish, look no further than Maya Cosmetics’ Cocoa Bean liquid acrylic polish. This suave milk chocolate brown hue is the epitome of sophistication, and each bottle comes in its own individually packaged box for a luxurious touch.

What sets Maya apart from other nail polish brands is its commitment to promoting nail health. Their unique formula is 9-free, meaning it’s free of nine of the most harmful nail polish ingredients commonly found in other brands. Maya’s polish is also vegan-friendly, gluten-free, halal, wudu-friendly, and kosher, making it a great choice for a wide range of customers.

But that’s not all – Maya’s proprietary formula is breathable, allowing water and oxygen to permeate the nail polish and reach the surface of the nail. This results in stronger and better conditioned nails, making Maya one of the safest nail polishes to use during pregnancy.

And let’s talk about durability – Maya’s fast dry nail polish has high endurance and long-lasting strength, so you can achieve a salon-quality manicure that lasts. Plus, the quick dry top coat polish is certified 100% breathable and water permeable, making it guilt-free for those who perform wudu.

Certified water permeableLimited availability of colors and finishes
9 toxin-free formulaMay chip and peel more easily
Low odor
Vegan, halal, non-GMO, and never tested on animals

7. VIVRE Cosmetics (Pretty in Pink Collection) – Best Long Lasting Nail Polish

VIVRE Cosmetics Pretty in Pink Collection

You’re in for a treat with VIVRE’s Halal nail polishes! Not only are they a stunning shade of Pretty in Pink, but they’re also vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. With a formula that is 10-free and halal breathable certified by SGS Labs, you can be sure that your nails are getting the love and care they deserve.

One of the best things about VIVRE’s nail polishes is that they are formulated without toxins like formaldehyde, toluene, and lead. This means that you can achieve fantastic, chip-resistant nails without harming yourself or the environment. Plus, they’re water-permeable and lab-certified permeable, so you don’t have to worry about any damage to your nails.

The premium quality applicator brush glides on smoothly, preventing air bubbles and ensuring that you can easily achieve full opacity with just 1-2 coats. Plus, these polishes dry quickly, making them perfect for those on-the-go touch-ups. And with VIVRE’s top coat, your nails will look fantastic and last even longer.

Not only are these polishes easy to apply and long-lasting, but they’re also made in the USA and formulated with bio-resourced ingredients. So not only will your nails look fabulous, but you can feel good about supporting a brand that cares about the environment and their customers.

Breathable and allows the natural nail to strengthenNot as white as expected; has a cream tint to it
Quick dryingVery streaky and sheer despite a base coat; Needed a good three coats to get true opacity
Lab-certified permeable
Bio-resourced ingredients

8. Abitzon (Set of 10 Shades) – Best Value for Money Nail Polish

Abitzon Set of 10 Shades

This set from Abitzon is perfect for those who love eco-friendly and non-toxic beauty products. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP, and hello to a healthy and safe manicure experience.

The unique formula of these polishes will have you flaunting your perfectly polished nails in no time. In just 60 seconds, the quick-drying formula sets and you’re ready to take on the day. The best part? You don’t need a UV lamp to achieve this quick drying effect. Simply apply the polish and let it dry on its own.

These polishes come in rich and vibrant colors that can adapt to any occasion. Whether it’s a casual brunch or a night out at the club, the Abitzon Water-Based Peelable Gel Nail Polish Set has you covered. The colors are so easy to apply and can be removed just as easily. Simply soak your fingers in warm water for a few minutes, and voila! The polish peels off without damaging your nails.

For a longer lasting effect, apply two layers of polish followed by a top coat. After four hours, wet your nails for even more durability. It’s so simple, and the result is a manicure that will last for days.

This set includes 10 pieces, including nine 5ml/1.0oz nail polishes, one 5ml/1.0oz base coat, and one 5ml/1.0oz top coat. The transparent nail polish can also be used as a base or top coat. Plus, the set comes with a nail polish remover, making it even easier to switch up your look.

Water-based formulaSmall bottles
Dries quicklyMay not work well on press-on nails
Good for a quick manicure
Cute and vibrant colors
Clear top coat provides extra shine

9. OUL’ISI (Set of 10 Shades) – Best Multipack Nail Polish

OULISI Set of 10 Shades

Get ready to upgrade your nail game with OUL’ISI Multipack Nail Polish Set! This liquid nail polish set comes in 10 vibrant shades that are perfect for any occasion. Each bottle has a capacity of 0.27 fl oz, and the set includes pink, clear, purple, red, and glitter nail polish coats. Best of all, it’s free from 21 harmful chemicals, cruelty-free, and vegan!

This water-based nail polish is perfect if you’re not interested in wasting hours on your nails. It’s quick-drying, easy to peel off, and long-lasting. Plus, it won’t turn your nails yellow like gel polish. With this polish, you can achieve a glossy, shimmery, or matte finish. It’s perfect for both adults and kids, making it an excellent holiday gift.

The polish dries fast, and the colors and shine are really nice. With just four steps, you can achieve a fashionable and long-lasting manicure. But remember, this polish is like makeup – it will stay on all day but should be removed after a shower or long submersion in water and reapplied.

So whether you’re looking for a fun way to experiment with different nail colors or just want an easy and convenient way to have beautiful nails without the hassle, OUL’ISI’s Multipack Nail Polish Sets are a must-have addition to your beauty routine.

Dries quicklyRequires stronger base coat and sealing top coat for better adherence
Good one coat coveragePolish may become sticky after washing hands
Colors are nice
Zero odor

10. Tophany (Set of 10 Shades) – Best Organic Nail Polish

Tophany Set of 10 Shades

Have you been searching for a nail polish set that ticks all the boxes? Look no further than the Tophany Nail Set-2 Gel Polish. This set is perfect for women, girls, and teens who are environmentally conscious and want to look fabulous while being kind to their skin.

First things first, let’s talk about the formula. This nail polish is non-toxic and organic, which means it’s free of harmful chemicals such as DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. Say goodbye to irritating smells and hello to a scent that’s actually pleasant! Plus, the water-based peelable formulation means you can easily remove the polish without the need for any harsh nail polish remover.

Now onto the application process, which is quick and easy. You don’t need a UV lamp or LED lamp nail dryer, and the quick-dry formula means your nails will be touch-dry in just 120 seconds. That’s right, no more waiting around for your nails to dry!

But let’s not forget about the star of the show: the rich and vibrant colors. With ten different shades to choose from, you can switch up your nail color to suit any occasion. From casual outings to parties and weddings, this set has got you covered. Plus, the stylish and latest colors will complement any skin tone, so you can be confident that you’ll always look your best.

Non-toxic and odorlessSmall bottle size
Peel-off ability, no need for nail polish removerPackaging could be improved to prevent damage during shipping
Variety of colors and shades
Dries quickly and provides a glossy finish
Lasts for a decent amount of time (depending on usage)

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How To Choose Halal Nail Polish

Below, we’ll go over all the tips on picking out the best halal nail polish for your needs so that you have peace of mind every time you paint your nails. Whether you like bold colors or nudes, shiny glosses, or matte finishes–there’s something for everyone.

Keep reading to learn more about how choosing the right halal nail polish can fit into any lifestyle while ensuring everything complies with Islamic law.

Sourcing of Ingredients

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing halal nail polish is the sourcing of ingredients. This is important because some ingredients used in non-halal products are not permissible in Islam.

The ingredients to look out for include carmine, which is derived from insect secretions, and guanine, which comes from fish scales. Halal nail polish should also be free from alcohol, as it is prohibited in Islam. To ensure that the ingredients are halal, look at the product packaging, and do some research on the brand before purchasing.

Ensuring Halal Processes

Halal nail polish should also be manufactured in accordance with Islamic law. This includes ensuring that there are no animal by-products used during the manufacturing process. Additionally, the product should not be tested on animals, as the practice of animal testing is unacceptable in Islam.

When choosing halal nail polish, look for certifications, such as the Halal certification by the Islamic Society of North America. This certification ensures that the product meets the requirements of Islamic law.


Permeability is another important factor to consider when choosing halal nail polish. Permeable nail polish, also known as breathable nail polish, is designed to allow air and water molecules to pass through the polish and reach the nail bed. This is believed to be beneficial for the overall health of the nails because it allows the nails to “breathe” and receive oxygen and nutrients that are necessary for healthy nail growth.

Additionally, permeable nail polish can be advantageous for individuals who perform religious practices that require washing or ablution, such as wudu in Islam. Wudu involves washing specific body parts, including the hands, before prayer. Permeable nail polish allows water to reach the nails during wudu, making it easier for individuals to perform this religious practice while wearing nail polish.

Avoid Chemicals

Chemicals found in non-halal nail polish can be harmful to both the environment and your body. When shopping for halal nail polish, look for products that are free from the harmful chemicals found in traditional nail polish.

These include formaldehyde, di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP), and toluene. These chemicals have been linked to health issues such as headaches, dizziness, and even cancer. Look for a brand that uses natural and organic ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals.

Look for Versatile Products

When choosing halal nail polish, finding versatile products that can be used for different occasions is important. Look for brands that carry a range of colors that are appropriate for formal events and daily wear.

Brands that offer nail polish with long-lasting formulas are a plus, as you won’t have to worry about reapplying throughout the day. Additionally, finding brands that offer topcoat and base coat products is important for maintaining the health of your nails while also ensuring long-lasting wear.

Read Reviews

Finally, reading reviews of products is a great way to get a sense of the quality and effectiveness of halal nail polish. Look for brands with positive reviews, as these are an indication of brand popularity, quality, and trustworthiness. Reviews can also give you an idea of how long the nail polish lasts and how easy it is to apply.

Is Nail Polish Allowed in Islam

The use of nail polish in Islam has been debated by scholars for various reasons. One reason is its potential to interfere with wudu, the Islamic ritual of washing before prayer. Islamic law requires that during wudu, water must reach all parts of the body, including the nails. If the nail polish is applied in a way that forms a barrier between the water and the nail, wudu may not be considered valid.

In response to this issue, some companies have developed halal nail polish that is permeable to water and air, allowing Muslim women to perform wudu without removing their nail polish.

However, despite the availability of halal nail polish, some conservative Islamic scholars argue that the use of nail polish, in general, is not in line with Islamic teachings. They view it as ornamental and potentially leading to unnecessary attention, particularly in the presence of non-mahrams (men who are not related to the woman). This view, however, is not universally accepted among Islamic scholars, and opinions vary on the permissibility of nail polish in Islam.

What Is Halal Nail Polish

Halal nail polish is a type of nail polish that is manufactured and produced in accordance with Islamic law. One of the main requirements of halal nail polish is that it should be completely removed before performing wudu and ghusl. During these rituals, water must be able to reach the skin, and anything that creates a barrier, such as nail polish, should be removed.

Another important characteristic of halal nail polish is that it should not contain any haram ingredients or substances. These include animal byproducts that are not derived from halal sources, such as gelatin and keratin. Halal nail polish should also not contain any alcohol or any other prohibited substances, which can be harmful to the body.

Halal nail polish should also be water permeable, meaning it should allow water and air molecules to pass through it. This is important for proper wudu and also promotes nail health, as it allows oxygen and hydration to reach the nail bed. Breathable nail polish is often used to describe this type of nail polish, as it allows the nails to “breathe” and remain healthy.

While halal nail polish is designed for Muslim women, it’s also gaining popularity among non-Muslims who are looking for a healthier alternative to traditional nail polish. Breathable nail polish can help prevent nail damage, and because it’s free of harmful chemicals, it’s a safer option for pregnant women, young children, and anyone who wants to avoid exposing themselves to harmful substances.

For a more detailed analysis, read our what is halal nail polish article.

Is Breathable Nail Polish Halal

Yes, breathable nail polish is halal or permissible according to Islamic dietary laws. This type of nail polish is also known as water-permeable or halal nail polish. It allows water and air to pass through it, which is a requirement for Muslim women who need to perform wudu or ablution before prayer. Wudhu involves washing specific body parts, including the hands and arms, and the water must touch the skin directly, which is not possible with traditional nail polish.

Breathable nail polish solves this problem by allowing water to pass through the polish and reach the skin. Moreover, breathable nail polish is formulated without harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and phthalates, and also free from animal-derived ingredients like gelatin, which makes it a more ethical and sustainable choice for those who are concerned about their values. For a more in-depth guide, read our is breathable nail polish halal article.

Benefits Of Breathable (Halal) Nail Polish

In this section, we’ll explore the advantages of using breathable nail polish and why it’s becoming increasingly popular among women around the world.

Promotes nail health

Breathable nail polish is better for your nail health because it allows air and water to pass through, providing the nails with the necessary nutrients and oxygen they need. Water can cause the expansion and contraction of nail plates leading to cracks, splits, chips, and peels. Breathable nail polishes are perfect for combating this effect, and they also dry faster than regular polish.

Free from toxic chemicals

Many nail polish formulas contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and camphor, which may put your health at risk with prolonged exposure. Conversely, breathable nail polish is free from these toxic substances, making it safer and healthier for your nails. Since breathable polishes allow more oxygen to penetrate through to the nail bed, they also prevent the yellowing of your nails.

Quick and easy to apply

Since breathable polish doesn’t require a base coat, the nail painting routine has never been easier. The results are quick, and you’ll be enjoying your new manicure within minutes. With the use of a French brush with curved bristles, the application is now a breeze.

Compatible with Islamic ablution

Halal nail polish is compliant with the requirements of Islamic ablution and prayer, making it an excellent choice for Muslim women. Its porous coating allows water to penetrate through when washing your hands, praying, or performing other Muslim rituals, making it an easy choice.


Traditional nail polish production involves the use of harmful chemicals, resulting in environmental pollution and toxicity. However, breathable nail polish brands are coming up with eco-friendly alternatives that have minimal impact on the environment. This option is usually vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally sustainable.

Difference Between Halal Nail Polish and Regular Nail Polish

Halal Nail PolishRegular Nail Polish
Manufactured and produced in accordance with Islamic lawNo guidelines or restrictions
Does not contain any animal byproducts or prohibited ingredientsMay contain harmful chemicals and animal byproducts
Breathable and permeable, allowing water and air molecules to pass throughNot breathable or permeable
Free from harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalateMay contain harmful chemicals that can lead to several health issues
Safer option for the nailsMay damage the nails
Easier to removeHarder to remove

Halal nail polish and regular nail polish differ in several aspects, as shown in the following:

  • Permeability: Halal nail polish is breathable and permeable, allowing water and air molecules to pass through it, which is better for the health of the nails. In contrast, regular nail polish contains multiple toxic chemicals that do not allow water and oxygen to pass through, making it difficult to perform Wudu for prayer.

  • Ingredients: Halal nail polish is produced without any animal byproducts or prohibited ingredients. It is also free from harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. In contrast, regular nail polish can contain these harmful chemicals that can lead to several health issues like cancer and other negative health concerns.

  • Usage: Muslim women can wear both types of nail polish, but they need to remove the nail polish entirely before performing Wudu and Ghusl. Halal nail polish is preferred because it is easier to remove, and it does not damage the nails.

Overall, halal nail polish is a safer option for nails as it is breathable, permeable, and does not contain harmful chemicals or animal byproducts. Regular nail polish may damage the nails and contains harmful chemicals. Although Muslim women can wear both types of nail polish, halal nail polish is preferred due to its easier removal process and safer ingredients.

How to Apply Breathable Nail Polish: Tips and Tricks

Below, we will explore the steps to apply breathable nail polish and provide some tips and tricks to help you achieve the perfect finish. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced nail artist, these tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your breathable nail polish and keep your nails looking healthy and beautiful.

  • Start with clean, dry nails: Before applying any nail polish, it’s important to start with clean, dry nails. This means removing any old polish and cleansing your nails with alcohol to remove any natural oils that may be present. If your nails are dirty or oily, the polish may not adhere properly and could peel or chip off easily.

  • Apply a base coat: Applying a base coat is an important step in any nail polish application process, and breathable polish is no exception. A base coat will not only help the polish adhere better but also protect your nails from any staining that may occur. Orly’s Breathable Treatment + Color is a one-step application that combines both base coat and color in one product, making it a great option for those who want to save time.

  • Apply the first coat: When applying breathable nail polish, dip the brush into the bottle and make sure that at least half of the brush has polish on it. Start at the base of the nail and work upwards towards the tip, being careful not to go onto the nail cuticle. If you apply the polish too close to your cuticles, it can cause your nails to look messy and unfinished.

  • Wait for the first coat to dry: Before applying a second coat, it’s important to wait for the first coat to dry completely. This will help prevent smudging and ensure that your nails look smooth and polished. Some breathable nail polishes, like Nailberry’s L’oxygéné, may only require one coat, so be sure to read the instructions on the bottle.

  • Finish with a top coat: A top coat will help add shine to your nails and protect them from chipping or peeling. L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Manuka Honey All Over Balm is recommended for moisturizing the nails and cuticles, as it helps to prevent dryness and keeps your nails looking healthy.

By following these tips and tricks, you can achieve a flawless and long-lasting application every time. Don’t forget to practice good nail care habits, such as moisturizing your nails with cuticle oil and avoiding harsh chemicals, to maintain healthy and beautiful nails. With the right tools and techniques, you can achieve a salon-quality manicure in the comfort of your own home.

Completely remove any previous nail polish before applying new polishApply nail polish directly onto the skin surrounding the nail, as this can damage the manicure
Apply a base coat to protect your nails and help the nail polish adhere betterUse harsh nail care products that may contain haram ingredients
Apply thin layers of halal nail polish to avoid smudging or clumpingIgnore any nail problems that persist or are associated with other signs and symptoms. Consult a doctor or dermatologist for an evaluation
Allow each layer of halal nail polish to dry properly before applying the next layer
Use an acetone-free nail polish remover when removing halal nail polish

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you pray with nail polish in Islam?

It is generally permissible for a woman to pray with nail polish on as long as the polish is not a substance that prevents water from reaching what is beneath it during wudu. If the nail polish creates a barrier that prevents water from reaching the nails, then the wudu and prayers would not be considered valid unless it is removed.

2. Can you do wudu with halal nail polish?

Yes, it is generally permissible to perform wudu while wearing halal nail polish, as long as the polish is water-permeable and allows water to reach the nails. Some cosmetic companies have introduced breathable or water-based nail polish that allows water vapors to pass through the enamel. It is essential to note that not all halal nail polishes are created equal, and some may still interfere with wudu if they form a layer that prevents water from reaching the nails. However, halal nail polishes that are water-permeable and meet the conditions for use during wudu are permissible to use.

3. How long does halal nail polish last?

The lasting power of halal nail polish can vary depending on factors such as application and nail care. Generally, it is expected to last around 5 days. However, this may vary among different brands of halal nail polish, with some brands claiming to offer long-lasting wear that is comparable to traditional nail polish. Ultimately, the durability of halal nail polish will depend on the individual product and usage.

4. Is halal nail polish good for your nails?

Halal nail polish is designed to be a healthier alternative to traditional nail polishes, as it does not contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients that are prohibited under Islamic law. Additionally, halal nail polishes are often made with a breathable formula that allows air and water molecules to pass through for better nail health. However, it is important to note that not all halal nail polishes are created equal, and some may still contain ingredients that can be harmful to nails. It is recommended to choose a halal nail polish that is free of harmful chemicals and made with natural ingredients.

5. What are the best halal nail polish brands?

The best Halal nail polish brands that are making waves in the beauty industry. Some of the top brands include Orly Beauty, 786 Cosmetics, Mersi Cosmetics, Tuesday in Love, Maya Cosmetics, Nailberry, Inglot, Niya Cosmetics, Vivre Cosmetics, LA Couleur Couture (LACC), Amara Cosmetics, Zahara, LENA, Iba Cosmetics, SO.LEK Cosmetics, Kester Black.

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