Is Shark Halal Or Haram? Everything You Need To Know

For any Muslim who is adventurous eater and wants to try new meats, knowing ‘is shark halal?’ is a pressing question. Don’t worry! In this blog I tackle this question and bring you all the information you need to know before making a decision on whether or not you can consume shark meat as a Muslim!

A Closer Look

Halal meat is meat that has been prepared in accordance with Islamic law. This means that the animal must be slaughtered in a certain way and that all of its blood must be drained from its body. Halal meat is considered to be cleaner and healthier than other types of meat, as it is not exposed to as many toxins and bacteria.

As far as shark goes, since it is a fish and is a part of sea food, it is considered halal by most Muslim scholars. Some schools of thought do believe that it is haram since it is a fish that eats other fish, and since the consumption of animals that eat other animals is forbidden, shark meat is haram. However, the former school of thought is more popular, since it is decreed that all water-animals are halal as long as they are slaughtered according to the laws of Islam.

I recommend looking for a halal certificate, just the same as you would for any other meat. This way you can be completely sure that the meat you’re consuming is halal. You can then enjoy a variety of recipes made using shark meat!

Conclusion: Is Shark Halal?

The bottom line is that most scholars consider shark meat halal, while a small number consider it haram. Based on your beliefs you can choose for yourself what you think. Remember to look for a halal certification before consumption though. Thanks for reading!

Mohamed J

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