Is Plastic Surgery Haram?

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Is plastic surgery haram? As we all know, the way we look has a big impact on how we feel about ourselves. For many of us, feeling good about our appearance is extremely important. So it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to plastic surgery to improve their looks. But is it haram or halal to get plastic surgery? Make sure to read till the end to find out.

A Closer Look

What is Haram?

Haram is an Arabic term meaning “forbidden”. In Islam, there are things which are considered Haram and are therefore forbidden for Muslims to do. These things include but are not limited to: eating pork, drinking alcohol, gambling, and cheating. Anything that is considered Haram is against the teachings of Islam and is therefore not allowed.

Muslims who do these things are considered to be sinning and will be held accountable for their actions on Judgment Day. There are also things which are considered Makruh, which means “disliked”. These things are not as strictly forbidden as Haram activities, but it is still better for Muslims to avoid them if possible. Some things may be in grey areas – are hair plants haram or halal?

In this blog, we cover plastic surgery and whether or not it is haram.

Is Plastic Surgery Haram?

There is some debate amongst Muslims as to whether or not plastic surgery is haram (forbidden). Some people argue that since the purpose of plastic surgery is to improve one’s appearance, it falls under the category of self-vanity and is therefore prohibited.

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Others argue that there is nothing wrong with having the procedure done if the incidental disfigurement you are dealing with is making you feel extremely embarrassed and is turning your husband away, for example, and you are not getting the procedure done to enhance your appearance but rather to remove or lessen the incidental disfigurement.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual Muslim to decide whether or not they believe plastic surgery is permissible.


Reference – The above information is verified via Islam Question and Answer.

Is Plastic Surgery Haram or Halal? – Bottom Line

It’s hard to say whether plastic surgery is haram or not. There isn’t a clear answer in the Quran or Hadith, and opinions vary among scholars. What we do know is that Islam teaches us to take care of our bodies. Whether or not that means undergoing plastic surgery is up to each individual to decide.

So what do you think? Is plastic surgery haram or halal? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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