Is Duck Halal

As a Muslim foodie, exploring new and exciting culinary experiences can be a source of great pleasure and satisfaction. However, when it comes to trying dishes that include ingredients that are not commonly consumed in Islamic culture, there may be concerns about whether or not they are halal. One such ingredient that may spark this curiosity is duck. With its rich, succulent flavor and versatility in the kitchen, duck is a popular ingredient in many cuisines around the world.

For Muslims who adhere to halal dietary restrictions, the question is duck halal or haram may arise. In this blog, I will delve into this question and provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed choices about the foods you consume.

Is Duck Halal or Haram?

Ducks are aquatic birds that are related to geese and swans. They are generally considered to be halal animals (Source), as long as they are slaughtered in accordance with Islamic laws. One of the main concerns with consuming duck is that they may be contaminated with parasites. In order to ensure that the meat is safe to eat, it is important to properly clean and cook the duck.

Islam has very specific guidelines for how animals should be slaughtered in order for the meat to be considered halal. The animal must be alive and healthy when it is slaughtered, and the slaughtering process must be done with a sharp blade that severs the animal’s main artery and causes it to bleed to death quickly.


Duck is considered Halal if it is slaughtered the correct way. Best to check for a halal certification or ask the restaurant you’re eating at about how the duck was sourced, so you can absolutely sure.

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What makes a duck halal?

In Islam, halal refers to anything that is permissible according to Islamic law. To make a duck halal, certain conditions must be met. The first condition is that the duck must be slaughtered in the name of Allah by a Muslim, or a person of the People of the Book (Jewish or Christian) who follows the dietary laws of their respective religions. The second condition is that the slaughter must be done in a specific manner, which involves severing the trachea, esophagus, and jugular vein with a sharp knife. This is known as the “dhabiha” method of slaughter. Finally, the duck must not be dead before the slaughter takes place.

What meat is haram in Islam?

In Islam, haram refers to anything that is forbidden according to Islamic law. There are several types of meat that are considered haram. These include:
1. Pork and its by-products are considered haram in Islam
2. Meat from animals that have not been slaughtered in the name of Allah
3. Animals that have died before being slaughtered
4. Animals that have been strangled, beaten, or killed by a blow
5. Animals that have been sacrificed to idols:
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