Are Anklets Haram?

Are Anklets Haram

Are anklets haram? This is a question that many Muslim women have, especially since it is such a common accessory. While there is no clear cut answer, I shall explore the various schools of thoughts about wearing anklets to help make a decision. So make sure you read till the end! What is Haram? There … Read more

Is Wearing a Chain Haram for Men and Women?

Is Wearing a Chain Haram

Is Wearing a Chain Haram? As Muslims, it is essential to understand the concept of haram, which refers to anything that is forbidden or prohibited in Islam. Among the things that have sparked controversy in the Muslim community is wearing a chain. Some people argue that it is haram, while others argue that it is … Read more

Is It Haram to Shave Your Legs?

Is It Haram to Shave Your Legs

Is it haram to shave your legs? For many people, the question of whether or not it is haram to shave their legs is a difficult one. There are a number of factors that must be considered before making a decision on this matter. In this blog I cover this topic so make sure to … Read more

Is Working Out Haram?

Is Working Out Haram

With the rise in popularity of fitness and health, working out has become a mainstream activity. However, for some Muslims, the question remains: is working out haram? In this blog I cover this topic, so you can be at ease the next time you decide to work out. A Closer Look What is Haram? In … Read more

Are Nose Jobs Haram? Quick Facts

Are Nose Jobs Haram

Yes, Nose jobs are considered haram by Islamic authority figures, unless there is a legitimate need for it, such as to address a medical condition or correct a deformity, according to Islamic scholars. Are nose jobs haram? This is a question that Muslims have been debating for years. There are differing opinions on the matter, … Read more

Is It Haram to Sleep on Your Back?

Is It Haram to Sleep on Your Back

The question of whether it is haram to sleep on your back has been a subject of debate in many Islamic circles. There are those who believe that sleeping in this position can lead to negative spiritual and physical effects, while others argue there is no evidence supporting any religious prohibition against the practice. In … Read more

Are Lash Extensions Haram? Authentic Facts

Are Lash Extensions Haram

Yes, Lash Extensions are considered haram, because lash extensions come under the heading of hair extensions. Doctors have mentioned that false eyelashes lead to chronic allergies in the skin and eyes. In recent years, lash extensions have become a popular beauty trend among women. Lash extensions are artificial eyelashes that are glued to natural lashes … Read more

Are Hair Extensions Haram?

Are Hair Extensions Haram

Are hair extensions haram? When it comes to hair extensions, there is a lot of debate among Muslims as to whether or not they are permissible. Some people believe that hair extensions are haram (forbidden) because they involve altering one’s appearance in a way that is not natural. Others argue that hair extensions are halal … Read more

Is It Haram to Have a Cat?

Is It Haram to Have a Cat

Is it haram to have a cat? As a Muslim, one of the things you may be wondering the answer to this question. Cats are popular pets around the world, and it is essential you know if it is okay for you to keep cats as your pets. In this blog I explore this topic, … Read more

Are Fake Nails Haram?

Are Fake Nails Haram

Are fake nails haram? There’s been a lot of debate recently about whether artificial nails are haram. There are many reasons why people might get fake nails. Maybe they want to have longer, stronger nails. Maybe they want to have a different color or design than their natural nails. Maybe they just think it looks … Read more