Is It Haram to Sleep on Your Back?

Is it haram to sleep on your back? There are different opinions on whether it is permissible to sleep on your back. But what is the truth? In this blog I explain what the answer to the question is, so you can slepe comfortably knowing you’re not doing anything that is haram. Make sure to read till the end and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

A Closer Look

What is Haram?

One of the most important concepts in Islam is that of halal and haram. Halal refers to that which is permissible under Islamic law, while haram refers to that which is not permissible. There are a number of things that are considered haram in Islam, such as murder, stealing, and adultery.

However, there are also a number of things that are considered haram that may not be immediately obvious to those who are not familiar with the Islamic faith. For example, many Muslims believe that it is haram to eat pork or drink alcohol.

Is It Haram to Sleep on Your Back?

If you’re wondering whether it’s haram to sleep on your back, the answer is no. There’s nothing wrong with sleeping in this position, and it’s perfectly acceptable according to Islamic teachings. However, sleeping on your stomach is not recommended, as it can be bad for your health. There is a dispensation for those with medical conditions that make it difficult to sleep in any other position, but generally speaking, it’s best to avoid sleeping on your stomach if possible.

The best position to sleep in is on your side. This is the healthiest option for your body, and it’s also the most comfortable position for many people. So next time you’re getting ready for bed, try lying on your side and see if it helps you get a good night’s sleep.


Reference – The above information is verified via Islam Question and Answer.

Is It Haram or Halal to Sleep on Your Back? – Bottom Line

I hope this article has helped to clear up any confusion about sleeping on your back. It is halal, but the best way to sleep is on your side, so keep that in mind next time you set your head down for a nap. Thanks for reading and hope the blog helped!

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Written By Nazim Almasi

Nazim is an Islamic scholar, author and External Consultant at Renewable Energy Maldives. He writes on Islamic finance, food and halal dietary guidelines. He is a respected voice in the Muslim community, known for his clear explanations of complex religious concepts. He has been invited to speak at various conferences and seminars on topics related to Islamic finance, food and Renewable Energy.

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